British Columbia     December 2021

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How Does SeniorsRealEstateNews Work?

British Columbia has thousands of housing options suitable for seniors. We bring you the majority of them as soon as they become available.

Get the inside edge. Browse properties by region. We cover the seniors housing options that matter.

Is SeniorsRealEstateNews A Broker?

The editor is licensed as a broker; however because of the volume of properties suitable for seniors in the province, we do not show or sell properties in every city directly. We also work with dozens of the most experienced and trustworthy agents from the top firms in the province. One of our associate agents will conduct property searches, schedule viewings and assist you in all aspects of the transaction.

You will not only save time, but a great amount of anxiety by having your own agent on your side; locating properties, scheduling appointments, providing market research, negotiating on your behalf, doing due diligence and preparing your contracts and agreements.

How Can SeniorsRealEstateNews Help You?

You no longer need to contact multiple listing agents who are actually on the side of the sellers and represent them. You will now be fully represented as you search for the perfect seniors housing option for you . . . your agent specialist will be looking out for your interests.

If you are searching for seniors housing that is not represented by real estate agents we will direct you to the most knowledgeable persons to answer your questions and show you all options available.

If you have a property to sell, let us recommend an agent specialist for your area and type of property.

What Does The Service Cost?

When you purchase a property there is never any cost to you for the services of Seniors Real Estate News or that of any associate agent we may recommend or refer you to.

Upon completion of any real estate transaction (purchase or sale) the brokerage for any associate agent, recommended or referred will pay a referral fee to the brokerage of the editor of Seniors Real Estate News.

The editor is a licensed realtor in the province of British Columbia.